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My mother was an artist and I grew up surrounded by beautiful things. I was always happiest doing art and sewing projects. My high school had a ceramics program and I fell in love with pottery there. In 1973, after studying ceramics at the Universtiy of Oregon, I began my career as a studio potter. Consistently over these many years hand building with colored clays has been my focus and my passion. "Nerikomi" is the Japanese term which describes this process of creating patterns with colored clays. I find that there are endless possibilities for imagery, pattern, and color combinations, and I am never out of ideas. It is always exciting when I slice into a block to see the end result of my efforts. Once I make a block it becomes a series or a limited edition. Being "old school" I have a gas kiln and am still attached to the affects of gas firing on pots. I love making pots and my wish is that people will use and enjoy them in their daily lives.